Our Mission

The Pride Card is an affinity card that allows business to show their support for equal rights while offering special discounts to cardholders. The LGBT community and allies should support businesses that support us; our mission is to ensure that supporting equal rights is good business.

Our Story

In the beginning, the Pride Card was established as a response to discrimination against the LGBT community. Simply, a way for businesses to show their commitment to equality for everyone.  In just six short years, it has grown to be so much more.

The Pride Card, part of the LGBT Weekly Media portfolio, now represents a critical avenue for businesses to reach our over 14,500 cardholders. Through effective email blasts, a business can advertise special discounts or sales. More importantly, a business can induce consumers to try their product or service which will lead to long-term customers.

The Pride Card also offers a consumer loyalty program. Any Pride Card business has the ability to track through their cash register the number of times a customer visits or the amount a consumer spends. This enables a business to assess how many customers are using the Pride Card each month, as well as how many are repeat customers.

While many of the carriers of the Pride Card live in central San Diego, we have a substantial numbers of cardholders in North County, Chula Vista, La Mesa and in the Imperial Counties. The goal is to ensure that our over 14,500 cardholders know about your business. Our goal for cardholders is that they receive special discounts from businesses throughout San Diego.

In the end, it is really about creating a win-win situation. As one of our recent businesses indicated, “I experienced nearly $2500 in sales from my first Pride Card email blast in just two weeks, it was a good investment.” Of course the customers got a great discount too. Win-win.

Our only concern is that some consumers do not take advantage of all the discounts. Please take a gander at the variety of businesses that offer Pride Cardholders specialized discounts. After all, isn’t it nice to save money?

Pride Card Deals


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